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Scroll Network partners with HackerOne

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Scroll Network offers the Diamond Standard of Blockchain Data. The four facets of the Diamond are low cost, high speed, broad scalability, and high security. No other solution can offer Scroll’s level of peak performance in all four areas simultaneously. They have proprietary software programs for data transfer and storage that provide the ability to safely and efficiently transfer large amounts of data at a very high speed while maintaining an exceptional level of security. Scroll’s objective is to dramatically minimize risk to client data compared to other available options. Due to ever-increasing security breaches in number, scope, and complexity; Scroll has decided to pre-emptively partner with HackerOne to subject our systems to the most sophisticated white hat techniques currently available.

HackerOne is a security and bug bounty firm known for infiltrating many of the best and most popular interfaces to demonstrate vulnerabilities in existing platforms. They also can initially perform vulnerability and penetration testing prior to platform launches. HackerOne establishes compliant processes for receiving and acting on vulnerabilities discovered by third-parties, they then improve the Pen Test results and launch private, fully-managed bug bounty programs for continuous coverage. 

Scroll Network and HackerOne have partnered together for mutual benefit as of June 2018. HackerOne will attempt to hack Scroll Network. This effort will help further define the level of Scroll’s current security and identify any possible vulnerabilities that can be removed to result in even greater future performance. Both companies look forward to a long and productive relationship focused on providing the most secure blockchain technology platform possible. 

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Scroll Network is an essential subsidiary of SoluTech Inc. Our transformational blockchain technology will make a major impact on how SaaS is viewed. Scroll services enterprises with data transfer and storage in our highly secure Scroll Vaults.

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